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New Arrival: The Infinity Bandanna - How it can simplify your life.

Now that Fall is in full swing, it time for layers! Layers are great for varying Fall weather (especially in the Midwest) when you may need to "put on or take off." Let's be honest, as you navigate from appointments, meetings, etc. throughout your busy day - you're not really going to run home to change your wardrobe to accommodate. Are you? Do you have time to? No need! Here's how to K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple & sophisticated).


WHERE FASHION MEETS FUNCTION: Not only is this bandanna chic, it's also functional. It can serve as neck protection from cold, harsh winds, a quick hair accessory/ cover-up for bad hair days, or in these trying days of a pandemic - it can transition to a face covering for a quick errand/ store run. It's definitely a WIN-WIN when fashion accommodates to your schedule.


TTD values versatility. Check out some of the ways you can wear our Infinity Bandanna.

  1. Headband/ Hair bow-tie

  2. Head Scarf

  3. Neck Accessory/ Scarf/ Neck tie

  4. Bag Accessory

  5. Face Covering

  6. Wrist Accessory

*Reversible Design allows for DOUBLE the styling options!

20% Pre-order discount available until October 30th, 2020! Subscribers get first preference on limited quantities!

To Pre-order the INFINITY BANDANNA, click the email link:

Copy & Paste: "Email me an INFINITY BANDANNA invoice." in the subject line.

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