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A St. Louis native, wife, mom four and engineer by trade, Ardessia Jones, found herself juggling multiple roles, balancing a busy schedule and sub-par self-care regimen in the game of life. It became apparent that the need for no-fuss solutions while on the go weren’t just necessary for herself but for all those go-getters needing to put their best foot forward in each of their key roles and events.

As a creative spirit and professional trained engineer, both passions were merged to become a Desig-Neer and form Technically Twisted Designs (TTD). Technically Twisted Designs is an innovative brand that offers fashion solutions to help make life easier for busy people when it comes to looking their best. By merging engineering and fashion, we create versatile, SMART accessories that can be mixed, matched and layered.

TTD aims to give a real-life perspective on balancing a busy schedule and much needed self-care regimens through versatile style solutions to those who face similar challenges. Through our innovative products, we will help people “maximize fashion - minimize wardrobes!”

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