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Featured Product: Zipper Earring/ Choker Set

3 reasons why we’re in love with this zipper earring and choker set from TTD’s “Spotted” Collection...

TIMELESS - No matter the pattern, black and white is a timeless color combo that goes with practically everything. Add a pop of color and you can’t go wrong!

EFFORTLESS COORDINATION - The zipper studs cleverly compliment the zipper trim accented in the design. No need to shop around for something to match your accessories. Let your accessories match your accessories. Problem solved!

VERSATILITY - Whether you’re headed to happy hour with the girls, a sporting event with the kiddos, or date night with the hubster - this set can easily be paired with your existing wardrobe to enhance your style.

Minimize your wardrobe - Maximize your fashion! Grab your set today!

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