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Meet the Desig-Neer!!!

Desig-Neer and founder of TTD - Ardessia Jones

Desig-Neer and founder of TTD - Ardessia Jones

You're invited to tag along as I discover who I am as a "Desig-Neer."

Desig-Neer is a term (coined by moi) describing one who merges innovative fashion designs, sewing techniques as well as engineering into FABULOUS wearable art.

For years I downplayed my extreme interest in designing because it was not considered a "successful" career to raise a family on. Until one day, circumstances and opportunity aligned themselves to allow me the chance to give designing a try full-time. let me be totally transparent... The company which I devoted 10 years of my career to, laid me off. Hhmm, not what I was expecting as I approached my mid-careermark, but hey...I'm confident that God has something better I'm store.

So without further ado...LET'S GET THIS DESIGN JOURNEY STARTED!!! My goal is to get as many of these crazy ideas out my head and into existence. I'm sooooo ready to reveal what GOD has been storing up in me for all these years. No doubt I'm in for a shock, and you are too. Hopefully my mountains and valleys will bless and encourage someone along the way. #LimitsOffs #LetsGo #DesigNeer

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